Bahia de Matagorda HOA

A Texas Gulf Coast Community


Hurrican Beryl Update: 

Please refrain from putting storm garbage (broken chairs, tiles, wood, etc) into our dumpsters. If you need to, run it out to the beach entrance, they have a rollaway dumpster there that accepts all trash. It's likely the county will also come and pick up like they did in 2021 if you had too much garbage. We'll continue to monitor for that.

Bahia dumpsters ONLY accepts household garbage (ie, in Bagged trash bags) and putting metal and non-household garbage in there causes the trucks to not empty them. This was the case last week, the trucks detected metal in our dumpsters and skipped emptying one or two of them.

Metal and appliances: That needs to be hauled into town, please do NOT place it next to the dumpsters. Mike Doherty (979) 240-5527, 1095 Center Street We also understand ya'll are trying to clean up.

Wood: Place in Burn Pile on west side of property

Please refrain from driving on the grass. 

Happy Fourth of July 2024 - Rules

 Ron Janow (979-758-4548) and Helen Elshick are our on-site property managers and are here to ensure our development is cared for and maintained. They are authorized to ensure rules are followed throughout the property. We appreciate your consideration and adherence to their requests.
 No fireworks are allowed on the property at any time.
 Pool Tags are required at the Pool.  This is enforced. 
 Please clean up after your pets and keep them on a leash at all times.
 No parking is allowed on grass or in the roadways. All vehicles and boats must be parked in a designated parking spot. Overflow parking is available in the lot next to the pool island.
 No dune buggies, dirt bikes, ATVs or other unlicensed vehicles allowed in Bahia de Matagorda.  Golf carts are allowed and are to be driven by a licensed driver on roads only.
 No recreational vehicles, motor homes, or travel trailers may be parked by any building on the property. They may be parked in guest parking, but unoccupied.
 No construction debris may be placed in the dumpster.
 Please bag all trash from your unit and place in the dumpster before you vacate the property.
 Please to not operate grills – gas, charcoal, or otherwise, on deck space. Grilling may only take place on ground level away from the home – preferably on concrete slab or driveway space.
 If your unit has a fireplace, please do not start fires in these structures. These homes, while well- built and sturdy, have been around for a while and the chimneys are a fire hazard.
 Fishing and crabbing in the lagoon is catch and release ONLY. No fishing or crabbing from the bridges.