Hurricane - Materials List and Contractors

We recommend you to reach out to our AC committee for approval for major repairs in order to be in compliance with Section 9.02 of the CCR's

We can provide you same day approval in most cases if your request is clear. 

Send Request to Bahia AC Committee

Approved Roof Material

1. Decra Villa Tile.   Color: Capri Clay  (Modern and lighter material)
2. Boral Color: Gold Dust  (Concrete and heavier material) 

Approved Siding Material

Hardi Board: Must be approved by AC and must be:
1. Must be Plank in a Channel Gap or Channel Bevel gap style (NO sheet-style; like plywood)
2.Plank must be of the same width as the original cedar board
3. Must be hung vertical
4. Submit sample to AC: Must be C
edar textured
5. Entire Buiding must be done. (Yes, your neighbor too)
6. Color :  (TBD; it will be some shade of aged cedar)
7. Repair plan must be submitted to the AC committee and approved

Example of Channel or Channel Bevel Style: